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Insurance Claim Delays – Avoid the Pitfalls with a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney

By Thomas R. Smith

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Because of its protective role in the lives of ordinary citizens, the insurance industry is bound by law to act in good faith with its customers.  However, since the mid 1990s, a new profit-centered model, combined with weak governmental regulation, has essentially overturned that ancient social contract.  For most insurance companies, the traditional way of adjusting claims for accident victims has been replaced by a profit-driven method that makes purposefully low offers to claimants.  Those who accept the low-ball offers receive prompt service, while those who do not have their claims delayed and may ultimately be forced to bring a lawsuit to fight for their benefits.  Insurance companies attempt to pass off claim delays as fluke occurrences, but they are actually a routine and intentional product of the profit-centered model.  A former Allstate agent told the American Association for Justice that the strategy is to make claims “so expensive and time-consuming that lawyers would start refusing to help clients.” 

Often times individuals who are harmed, suffer losses or personal injury due to another’s negligence feel they are at a disadvantage because the insurance carrier has the extensive resources to try a case.  If you feel your insurance company is treating you wrongfully, you should speak with an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney who has the financial resources and know how to navigate complex legal issues and provide the best possible results.