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The circle of denial is spreading in the fallout of the Jerry Sandusky case.

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Monday, August 13th, 2012

“For evil to triumph it is enough only that good men do nothing”.

In a statement released less than an hour after the NCAA imposed sanctions on Penn State University for the Sandusky child sex abuse scandal it was reported that the school would accept both the sanctions and the “ruling (that) holds the university accountable for the failure of those in power to protect children and insists that all areas of the university community are held to the same high standards of honesty and integrity.”

Fast forward to last Monday when a Penn State trustee, along with several other board members, indicated that they intend to appeal the sanctions placed on the University.  In a letter to the NCAA they state that while they are committed to showing respect for the victims “these objectives should not be achieved by ignoring or trampling upon the fundamental rights of others”.   Fundamental rights of others?  Fundamental rights speak to the individual freedoms given to us as citizens of the United States.  Those rights include freedom from the injury of others.  The fundamental rights of concern in this ugly situation are the minor children whom Penn State allowed to be abused upon its campus and at its sports facilities.

First the insurance companies attempt to revoke their responsibility to the victims – now Penn State is appealing the sanctions placed upon them.  Plaintiff’s law firms like ours protect the rights of the victims of personal injury when the insurance company, school, or employer will not.  If you are a victim of personal injury – be it sexual, negligence or other call us for a no-cost consultation at 1-800-PRA-LAWS.  We can help.

Insurers Fight Sandusky Coverage

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Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Who amongst you do not believe that Jerry Sandusky’s victims deserve some type of restitution for the crimes committed against them?

If State Farm Fire & Casualty and the Federal Insurance Company, the insurer for The Second Mile Charity, have their way then the victim’s rights to be compensated may be compromised.  Both organizations have filed complaints with the court asking to be excused by the court to pay claims to the victims.  State Farm, the insurance company that wrote the Sandusky’s homeowner policy since 1985, believes it should be exempt from civil lawsuits despite the fact that most homeowner’s policies provide coverage for individual’s neglectful acts – either at home or in public.  A similar lawsuit was filed by the insurer for The Second Mile Charity – the charity founded by Sandusky and the place where he met all 10 of his victims.

The NCAA fines Penn State $60 million dollars to help establish victims’ programs, bans them from postseason play for four years, and slashes its scholarship program – all punishments the University will have to accept.  However, when it comes to the victims – two insurance companies have already taken measures to remove themselves from providing compensation after years of collecting payments for premiums to cover risk to the wrongfully injured by their insured.  Remember insurance companies are in the business of covering risk for the individuals and entities they choose to insure.  Now they just want to keep their profits so as not to pay out to the innocent victims of their insured.

The next time someone speaks badly of a personal injury lawyer remember – we fight for you and receive no payment unless you do – can you say the same about your insurers?