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Motor Vehicle Accidents are on the Rise in Middlesex County New Jersey

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Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Middlesex County: Traffic and Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise

In 2012, five hundred and forty-two people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey. That number represents an increase of approximately 8.3% deaths from 2011. However, not all New Jersey counties have suffered an equal number of fatalities.

Middlesex County, located in the heart of central New Jersey holds the distinction of being the second most populated county in New Jersey. Unfortunately, it may also contain the most dangerous roads in the state. According to a recent report, more people were killed in 2012 on Middlesex County roads than any other county in the state.

In fact, fifty-four people were killed in motor vehicle collisions in the county in 2012. The second greatest number of fatalities occurred in Ocean County. This unfortunate statistic is nothing new to Middlesex, as the fifty-seven people who were killed in 2011, was the highest of that year as well.

Another alarming statistic is that forty-one pedestrians were killed on Middlesex County roads from 2009-2011. Route 1, Route 9, and Route 35 were singled out as the roadways, which suffered the highest number of pedestrian deaths.

When analyzing these frightening statistics, questions arise as to what the cause of these fatalities is.

Could it be the size of the population that resides in Middlesex County, resulting in greater numbers of cars on the road? It could be, but the state’s most populated county, Bergen County, suffered thirty deaths in 2012, twenty-four less than Middlesex.

Could it be the roads themselves, the design of which, may be contributing factors of these types of accidents? It’s possible, but if anyone has ever driven in other parts of the state such as the congestion filled counties of Bergen, Essex, and Hudson or the inadequately lit roads of Somerset, Hunterdon and Morris, they can tell you New Jersey roads are a problem in general.

Maybe it’s the reduction in law enforcement or the ongoing construction that occurs in parts of the county. Odds are it is a combination of these and many other factors, including lack of due care on the part of the drivers.

Regardless of the contributing causes of these accidents, drivers have a duty to exercise due care when driving on the state’s roads. If you or a loved one is a victim of an accident resulting in personal injury or death, you should consult a personal injury attorney to discuss your options. While the numbers may be rising, that does not mean that you or your family have to be victims of another driver’s negligence.