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Bridgegate: What Could Have Gone Wrong

By admin

Friday, January 10th, 2014

By now, unless you have been living under a rock, or a bridge, you have heard about the George Washington Bridge scandal that has engulfed the great Garden State. Many media outlets have appropriately dubbed the controversy as “Bridgegate”.

In the recent days, Governor Christie has addressed the issue and steadfastly denied any knowledge or involvement in the decision to close down lanes on the George Washington Bridge, resulting in massive traffic backups in the Bergen County town of Fort Lee.

Subpoenas have been flying and the Fifth Amendment has been once again utilized to prevent someone from possibly incriminating themselves. Amid the chaos, New Jersey residents are caught in the middle, unsure of who to believe.

While many advocates on the right and the left side of the aisle have turned this into a massive political issue, there remains a very simple but important subject that seems to be getting lost in the uproar. What could have gone wrong?

Early reports have stated that the massive traffic delays (which happened to occur during the first week of school) in September caused residents to be late for work and school. One lawsuit that was recently filed alleges that a commuter suffered a panic attack behind the wheel during the traffic jam. Worse yet, there are reports that an ambulance team was late to respond to an elderly woman who was in need of assistance on her kitchen floor. The woman later passed away.

Those are the stories we know about. How about those commuters who were involved in car accidents as a result of the massive traffic jams that have not been reported. Or those commuters who, as a result of being late for work, decided to drive a little faster (when they could) and take a few more risks on the road.

While it may not be presently clear why the lanes were closed down, it is clear that the actions of those responsible for Bridgegate didn’t really think about anyone but themselves. They didn’t about the possible danger that Fort Lee residents, commuters and their families were put in, as a result of the decision, nor did they give weight to the possible injuries and deaths that may have resulted from it.

And for that…someone needs to be held responsible.