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Summer Barbecues: How to Avoid Over Serving Alcohol

By admin

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Summer is in full swing and with summer comes outdoor fun, including barbecues and parties. While barbecues can be a great time to get together with family and friends, the summer is a good time to remind the public of the risks associated with hosting these events when alcohol is involved.

In New Jersey, social hosts can be held liable for serving alcohol to their guests if their guests end up injuring someone on the roads. The New Jersey Legislature has enacted these laws in response to the many alcohol related accidents and deaths that have occurred as a result of overconsumption of alcohol at social gatherings.

Social hosts have a duty to avoid overconsumption of alcohol by their guests. The duty of a social host is a less stringent standard than that of a bartender but it is still an important one. The social host is obligated to act reasonably and responsibly when serving alcohol to their guests and if they knew or should have known that their guest was intoxicated and they continued to serve them, they may be liable for any and all injuries that result on the roadways.

When having your parties and barbecues this summer, be sure to provide plenty of food, water and non-alcoholic beverages to your guests. Take car keys for anyone who drove and make sure that they check in with you to retrieve their keys before they leave. This way you can make a reasonable assessment as to their ability to drive. Have car service and cab numbers available to anyone who feels they cannot get behind the wheel. Offer your house or a friend’s house for them to sleep over.

It’s way too simple to prevent injuries and deaths to innocent third parties on the road that occur as the result of intoxication. There’s simply no excuse to let someone leave your home intoxicated. Besides the obvious benefit of saving someone’s life, you will avoid the civil liability that comes with your negligence.