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Headed Down The New Jersey Shore: Not So Fast

By admin

Friday, May 29th, 2015

With the unofficial start of summer upon us many people enjoying heading down the shore on the weekends for some sun and everything the great New Jersey beach towns have to offer.

This year, make sure you aren’t flying too fast down the shore on the parkway or turnpike. The New Jersey State Police unveiled a new crop of patrol cars today that are being labeled “ghost cars”. In reality, they are black Chevy Caprices with a frosted image of the State Police logo on the door.

The cars are being used as an effort to curb speeding on New Jersey’s major roadways, which in the summer, are heavily trafficked by beach goers. The key to the design is that they will be more difficult to spot in traffic and will blend in. When you get pulled over however, there will be no mistaking the car for a civilian’s when you are reprimanded.

If you’re issued a ticket this summer, you should know your rights under New Jersey’s motor vehicle statutes and you should consult with an experienced attorney who can explain those rights and what options you have

Casino Falls: A Roll of the Dice when an Injury Occurs

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Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Casinos have been a hot topic for sometime in New Jersey. Some are closing while some are opening and re-opening under new owners. Whatever the case, casinos have long been a favored pastime of the people of the state. Outside of Las Vegas, Atlantic City is one of the biggest cities in the country for casinos.

While trying your luck at casinos can be a ball, a day trip or weekend getaway can turn into a real nightmare in no time when a fall and injury occurs. Much like other commercial businesses, casinos are responsible for making sure that any patrons that come onto their property are granted a safe place to do so.

Casinos and their employees are required to inspect the casino floors on a regular basis and ensure that there are no hazards present that pose a threat to a customer’s safety. Year after year, many of these casinos fall short of their duty and people are injured when they fall on the casino floor. Some of the causes of the falls include liquid substances, shoddy flooring and casino chairs and even food.

Now we are talking about more than just Atlantic City, as casinos are branching out to areas of Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. If you or someone you know is injured at a casino as a result of the casino failing to provide a safe environment, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. You should contact an attorney to determine your rights.

Train Accident: Negligent Conduct

By Thomas R. Smith

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Late Tuesday evening, May 12, 2015, an Amtrak train, traveling from Washington DC, to New York, derailed outside of Philadelphia. Consequently, 7 of the 238 passengers on board were killed thus far, and over half of the other occupants were hospitalized with various personal injuries. Several people remain missing. The cause of the train accident is being investigated, although it appears the train was traveling at twice the allowed speed when it left the tracks. Regardless, a derailment should never happen and is almost always the result of at least, negligent conduct. The train accident victims and their families will be entitled to compensation for their harms and losses by Amtrak and any other party deemed responsible. Any lawsuits against Amtrak will be filed in the United States District Court. If you or someone you know was unfortunately victimized by crash, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to start preparing your claim immediately.