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Backyard Fireworks: Still Illegal in New Jersey

By admin

Friday, July 10th, 2015

July 4th has come and gone and like every year, there were a few guarantees for the holiday, grilling, American flags, and of course, fireworks. The latter has been a tradition on the 4th for years, especially in New Jersey. Another guarantee that went fulfilled this holiday season was firework injuries.

This past weekend a 22 year old from Maine was killed when he attempted to shoot fireworks from his head. Fireworks are legal in Maine. In an ever more publicized story, Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants was injured in Florida over the weekend when fireworks he purchased exploded in his hands. JPP lost an index finger in the accident and is still hospitalized for thumb fractures and other hand injuries. His career is in serious jeopardy.

These two glaring examples remind us what we already knew. Fireworks are extremely dangerous and should not be used by untrained citizens. In New Jersey, their use is flat out illegal.

Under N.J.S.A. 21:3-1, the possession and use of fireworks is banned as it has been found to be against the “public health, safety and welfare of the people of the state of New Jersey”. There are exceptions of course, such as obtaining the proper licensing and permits from the municipality where you intend to use the fireworks. But these are generally granted for firework displays.

There will be continued debate about whether or not this past weekend’s events are tragedies or whether they are actions by people who should know the dangers that fireworks possess. The mother of the Maine man who passed away called for stricter laws for fireworks. In New Jersey, we have no such issue. It is illegal to possess them in this state. Period.

As the summer continues, keep this in mind as there can be both penalties assessed due to their possession and their use can cause serious personal injuries or even death.

Be safe this summer.