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Jury Awards $110.5 Million for Illness Caused by Baby Powder

By Thomas R. Smith

Friday, May 5th, 2017

A 62 year old woman obtained a jury verdict this week against Johnson and Johnson for $110.5 million. The jury found that the woman’s severe personal injuries were indeed caused by her long term use of company’s products containing talcum, including baby powder. The victim was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, that spread to her liver in 2012, and she presented scientific evidence that her illness was caused by the talc contained in Johnson and Johnson products. These studies have shown a connection between the use of talc on the genital area, and a 40% higher risk in developing the cancer.

If you or someone you know has developed cancer or some other serious injury or illness, and have used products containing talcum for an extended period, you may be entitled to compensation for any losses, or harms you have suffered as a result. You should contact an attorney who is experienced in handling product liability cases to discuss your rights. Don’t wait as there are often time limitations to make such claims.